Are you looking to buy Granite as your Countertop and are looking to know the different types of edges the Countertop has? Then, you are at the right place. Here we have detailed articles on the different types of Granite Countertop Edges.

Granite is a Luxurious Natural stone that is perfect for Countertops and Flooring as it is highly durable and looks amazing. Although the Granites are expensive, they provide a great value, and if you maintain them well, they can last you a lifetime.

What is Granite Edge?

As the name suggests, the Granite has ended, and the edges are called the Granite Edge. Yes, as simple as that. The edge is something that is polished and smooth. There are a lot of Granite Edges types which you can choose from that are suitable for your project.

What are the different types of edges of granites?

While choosing a Granite for your Counter, you are narrowing down your Countertop Edge types. There are quite a lot of countertop Edges that you can choose from. To read more on everything you need to know about Granite Thickness.

1. Bullnose

The Bullnose Edges are the one that is curved on all the edges and is mostly used for keeping the kids at home safe as the rounded edges are a lot safer, especially if you have kids at home it has curved edges

2. Straight edges of granites

The Straight Edges are just 90-degree straight and simple Countertop edges, as the name suggests, and they are typical, old-school ones that we are used to from our childhood days. It is simple, straight, easy to clean, and perfect for someone looking for a countertop that is easier to maintain. But if you live with toddlers and kids, we don’t recommend the Straight Edge ones as they are pretty sharp and dangerous.

3. Bevel

A bevelled edge is yet another Countertop Edge that many people love, and it is at a 45-degree angle and is a little slatted on one side. They are easy to clean but are not safe for kids as the edges are sharp and dangerous.

4. Half-bullnose

The Half or the Semi Bullnose countertop edge is similar to the full Bullnose Edge, and it has a slope in the corner, and it falls straight at 90 degrees facing the floor. It is also very easy to clean and maintain. Although it is inexpensive, it adds a new twist to your kitchen.

5. Eased

An eased edge is a very simple, easy edge that is rounded softly at the edges and faces the floor, which makes it suitable for kids as it does not have a sharper edge. So Eased Edges are a great option if you are looking for a child-safe Countertop for your Granites.

6. Waterfall

As the name suggests, the Waterfall Countertop Edges are very seamless, and there isn’t much depth to the edges of the Countertop, which makes it look like water is flowing down. It is straight, and it faces the floor. However, it isn’t kids’ safe as it has sharper edges.

The best edges of granites for you:

The half Bullnose Countertop Edge is something that most people love and use for their Countertops as they are very easy to use and maintain and look beautiful and elegant simultaneously. However, it isn’t kids safe, which you need to note if you have kids at home.

So, if you have kids or pets at home, we suggest you choose the rounded edge Countertop edge as it is much safer for kids.


When it comes to Granite Edges, we suggest you get one that is not just pretty and nice but practical and useful for you. As Granite countertops are expensive, we need to choose the right Countertop edge that is easier for us to use and is kids friendly. So please do your research and then go ahead and buy them.