Quality control is a way of checking a product’s quality based on different tests, in this process, the quality of the project is determined on a different basis like the material used, size, finishing and much more.

Granites have been taking over the market, people prefer granite flooring for their residences as well as for their commercial places. Because of the high production and demand for granite, it is important to check its quality before it is delivered. Many factors are looked at under the quality control inspection such as testing of strength, stone hardness, resistivity power against water, and much more. Quality control plays a crucial role in the granite industry, to understand this better, look at this blog.

How is granite’s quality checked?

A granite supplier focuses on the quality of granite before he gets it and supplies it to his customers. To ensure the quality of granite, the following process is followed.

Checking the appearance:  The first thing that a supplier or any random person notices is the appearance. The granite should have a good texture, fine finishing and much more. So while buying it, one focuses on the colour, texture, pattern, lines, consistent crystals and stains.

Defect check: One should check that the granite doesn’t have any cracks, fissures, wrecked edges, scratches, swirl marks, repairs, pinholes, or chip edges.

Surface finishing: While you are getting the granite, you shouldn’t only focus on the appearance, but you also need to check that the granite is Polished, antique, bush-hammered, tumbled, lepatora, bevel edge, honed, flamed, natural cleft etc.

Other stuff:  When you are getting the granite, you need to keep an eye over everything; some of the minor stuff which people usually ignore is the angle of direct edges, flatness, level of polish, and much more.

Size:  According to the order, the size varies of the granite, so while the inspection takes place, you also need to have a closer look at the size of the granite, whether it matches the specified order or not. It is important to ensure the perfect width, length, and thickness of the granite slabs.

What is the process of quality control?

Quality control in the granite industry follows the following process to ensure the granite’s quality.

Before the orderThe process starts before the order is placed. Before a customer orders, several sample pieces have been made so that something similar can be presented when the customer asks for it. This is the most important phase as the first impression is the last one, so you must also put in your best while preparing the samples. This step aims to get the order placed by the customer with the price discussion.

While making: The quality control inspectors try to assure the quality of the granite when it is in the process of making. They try to get the granite as per the order, depending upon the size, colour, texture, and pattern the client ordered. To assure the quality, different instruments are used by the quality inspectors: rulers, measuring tape, vernier scale, right angle etc.

At the beginning: When approximately 10% of the product is made according to the client’s order, it is taken to the client to show the quality of the granite. The client’s approval plays an important role, or the order might get cancelled at this step.

Role of head office: While the inspection takes place, the head office also plays an important role in the process. The head office asks for the pictures of the products which are into making, to check the making and quality of the product. Once the inspector approves it then, the further making continues.

Final stage: After the order is prepared, the inspector must also look after the material and packaging of the order. After all these, the chief quality inspector selects some of the product’s samples to send to the head office to ensure the quality.

Key Importance of Quality Control

Here are some of the importance of quality control in the granite industry.

  • To provide the required size of the granite
  • Check the quality of granite before delivering it to the client
  • Develops quality consciousness
  • Keeping an eye over the demand of the client
  • Providing the desired design and texture
  • Providing the same order which the client placed.
  • Earns goodwill
  • Timely delivery as per the demand
  • Improves productivity
  • Motivates employees


Quality control is very important in the manufacturing of any product, and when it comes to quality control in the granite industry, then it becomes much more important as people rely completely on the product’s quality that the supplier supplies. The better quality you provide, the better response and orders you will receive, so don’t skip the quality check; instead, get the best quality control inspections done for the granites before you deliver the order to your client.