Are you looking to buy Granite and want to know about the Characteristics of premium Granite? We got you covered. Granite is one of the most luxurious and Chic. So if you want to renovate your house and are looking for countertops and Flooring, Granite would be a great fit.

While Granites are very luxurious and beautiful, you must be careful and ensure you get a good quality, premium, original Granite. There are a few characteristics of Granite that you can check to ensure the Quality of the Granite.

But before that,

What is Granite?

Granite is one of the Luxurious stones mined Naturally from the Queries. They come in many shapes and sizes, and they can be Cut and made into any shape we want.

Granites are very rare and unique, and since they are naturally sourced, most Granites look very different from each other, and it isn’t easy to find a Granite that is similar to the other Granites.

The Granite is very Versatile, and you can use it for any of your internal purposes. They provide an elegant look instantly and make your space look well put together in a jiff.

When talking about Granite, it is very important to note that they not only look great, but they are also highly durable and are perfect for Flooring and Countertops, which goes through a lot of wear and tear.

Since Granites are porous, sturdy stones, they last you longer and are very easy to clean and maintain. A little bit of sealing, which is nothing but applying a coat of sealing liquid to the Granite to make it Non-porous, is good. Porous is nothing but Tiny holes that are there in naturally occurring stones through which water, air and other particles can easily enter. So it is better to seal them before Use.

When it comes to maintenance, Granite is very easy to clean and maintain, and they remain brand new even after years of purchase if maintained properly. Although the Granites are on the expensive side, they are extremely sturdy and durable and are perfect for countertops and Flooring as they are resistant to heat, water and other things. 

What are the characteristics of premium granite?

Thickness of Granite 

Granites are usually thicker and are upto 1 to 14 inches in thickness. The thicker the Granite, the more durable it is. So if you are looking for premium quality Granite, make sure the thickness lies between 1 to 14 inches.

The porosity of the Granite

Yet another common thing that a Premium Quality Granite has is its porosity. As discussed above, Granites are very porous in nature and water, air, and other molecules can easily pass through them. But with a very simple sealing method, you can overcome the porosity problem.

When it comes to Counter Tops especially, we might spill food or water and the Granite, once sealed, can easily handle it, and it doesn’t absorb any of the spilt substances inside, which is great. The Granite is also heat resistant which is perfect for Countertops as we tend to keep Hot food items and utensils on the Countertop.

The appearance of the Granite

Granites provide an instant elegance and luxurious feel to any house, and you need to select good quality Granite and ensure there are no damages. Since they are naturally sourced, it is not easy for you to find a certain colour of the Granite and every Granite looks different and unique from each other.

The durability of the Granite 

Granites are resistant to Scratch, heat, and crack, and they are a good option for countertops and Flooring, especially as they go through a lot of wear and tear. They do not just provide a great look, but they also are extremely durable and last you for so many years if you take proper care of them and maintain them well.


Not just with Granite, but while purchasing any Natural Stone, check if it is Original and Premium Quality. Natural Stones are expensive, and if you find them cheaper at any store, they might most likely be a fake or low-quality stone that will get tarned in a few days of usage.

We also suggest you buy Granite or any natural stone from a Reputed and Reliable company to get your hands on the top, premium quality products.