Are you looking for the best colours for our kitchen that can bring prosperity and elegance to your kitchen? If yes, you can go through this blog, as we have presented you with the best colours to bring positivity, wealth, and happiness to your small world. 

You should be aware that Vastu colours are the most important thing for a home that can bring positivity, happiness, and prosperity to the home. In recent years these colours have already been used in several homes for interior designs and architecture as this can also create an abundance in the entire home. Also, in a home, it is said that the kitchen is the most precious and core area of the home that holds all the positivity and prosperity. Also, the foods prepared here further dispel the energy in the name of nutritious food. It thus can ensure a beautiful look and a great positive surrounding vibe. 

Here, in this blog, we have chosen the Top 6 Vastu Colours for the kitchen to Bring Positivity that will best suit your kitchen and can also effectively work for your home.

List of Top 6 Vastu Colours for the kitchen to Bring Positivity!

The Top 6 Vastu Colours for kitchens are provided below that can ensure positivity and prosperity and can also ensure a great look to the entire kitchen.  

1. White

The purest colour is white; it symbolizes peace and harmony in the kitchen. Thus it is known as the symbol of purity as well. Normally, it is associated with light and cleanliness. White has the power to attract more light and spread it all over the room; thus, the room looks bigger and cleaner. However, all these factors are quite suitable for the kitchen; thus, it can be the best colour for your kitchen.

Apart from this, according to the Vastu Shastra, if your kitchen is faced towards the northwest direction, then this colour can additionally bring prosperity and also the colour white is the best colour to attract positivity and thus is why considering it in the floors and walls can be the best option indeed.  

2. Orange

The colour orange is bright and said it could help humans to hunger. Apart from these, it can also ensure optimism and create every relationship all right and powerful. This colour thus can bring positivity to the surrounding areas. Moreover, it can also make people happy and enjoyable as watching this colour makes people feel hungrier and enjoy everyone loves delicious dishes.

Furthermore, the Vastu Shastra said that these colours are great for kitchen areas as they can bring positivity and create a vibe of happiness unnaturally. Well, these colours attract happiness and thus considering it or your kitchen can be a good option. Also, if you opt for the saffron tint orange colour, you can feel the vibe of strength and courage; however, if you opt for energy and stimulation, then a muted rick can be the best.

3. Yellow

The bright, vibrant, and yet the cutest colour is yellow. This can bring fresh vibes along with happiness to the kitchen. This colour is everything about making the atmosphere fresh and vibrant. However, t looks more beautiful when the sunlight falls on the colours. Also, the Vastu Shastra has claimed that it can ensure fresh vibes and bring positivity. This is a fresh colour; thus, you can opt for this colour; also, these colours create an illuminating effect when it gets the touch of the sunlight, making the whole kitchen more lively.

4. Chocolate Brown

The most beautiful and elegant colour that can suit every home sweet home is the colour chocolate brown. This is a bit adult and elegant colour that helps to improve your kitchen. Considering this colour for the walls and floors, you can get a beautiful kitchen. However, these colours are unique and are not possessed by everyone. However, this colour is also considered to be a Vastu Shastra colour. It can bring a warm feeling and also ensure positivity around your kitchen.

However, these shades or tones are best suited for kitchens in the southwest region. If you thus have the south-faced kitchen, then you opt for this colour if you want to witness happiness and prosperity.

5. Pink

The sweet and cute colour is the colour pink. It is further considered a subtle mix of sharp white and bright red. However, this is considered the best colour for every woman. But apart from that, it can also look cute and elegant in the kitchen. Normally it represents the term love, and thus with this colour, you can ensure love and positivity along with the feeling of happiness all around the kitchen. If you thus want to make your home a happy home, you can think of this colour. This can make your home a beautiful place where you and your close ones will be happy and enjoy delicious food.

6. Green 

Another colour that you can opt for according to the Vastu is Green. This is a fun colour, and just like the behaviours of the colour, it also performs the same. While ensuring this colour in the kitchen, you can also create fun surrounding all around the place. Also, this colour looks attractive and gives a high positive and peaceful vibe to the individuals standing around the kitchen. You can get additional sugar points for this colour according to the Feng shui. Also, Feng Shui suggests that it can ensure proper digestion of the whole body. Thus, if you plan to renovate your kitchen, you can try out this colour. It can also create harmony in the kitchen, which will help you make delicious dishes.


Thus if you really want to enjoy positive vibes and also want something extra, then you can opt for the above colours. However, if you opt for Vastu Shastra, the colours above are the best. Also, avoid dark colours like black, blue, grey, and brown.