India has long been recognized for its granite industry as one of the biggest suppliers of natural stone throughout the globe. There is something unique about natural stones that makes them so alluring to stone enthusiasts throughout the world, especially Indian stones. The attraction to having them is what creates such fantastic business potential.

Numerous factors may contribute to the interest in natural stones. They have specific characteristics that make them even more beneficial in addition to the visual elegance they are connected with. Tamil Nadu is where the most manufacturing industry is located. The EU (which includes the UK, USA, Germany, and France), Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Korea are also the key markets; these countries acted as the primary consumers in the late 1980s and early 1990s until China entirely took over the industry.

How is the demand for Indian granite increasing in the US and UK?

India has been a leading country in granite exports worldwide for several years. The brilliant, attractive Indian granite would be valued for adding unrivalled flair and refinement to the construction and is much more than simply a multi-million-dollar foreign currency earner.

Over 31 million tonnes of stone are produced annually in India, claims research from the Centre for Advancement of Stones in Jaipur, India. According to the association, India ranks as the world’s third-largest producer of natural stone, behind China and Italy.

The association has decided to hold the convention wisely and fair, which would assist in maintaining and sustaining the impression and the unique history of the Indian natural materials and reaffirm the dominant position of India as the biggest supplier of the finest quality granite as well as other natural stones in the international market. This decision was made based on the ministry of commerce to give India the spotlight, which is highly pressing and appropriate.

Since 1997, the market for natural stone and granite stones has typically increased by 70%. It has been increasing annually by around 6% to 15%. Each year in North America, the demand for top-quality natural stone has increased by roughly 15% or even higher. It serves as an obvious indication that the USA has been importing more granite stones every year.

And at this point, India arises as one of the significant producers of granite, offering stones in both custom and regular sizes, including rough stone slabs, gangsaw slabs, cutter tiles, tabletop, and others. However, between 2019 and 2020, the USA decreased the quantity and value of polished granite imports totalling –7.48% and –7.04%, respectively.

However, all three variables in Australia have been imported more frequently, but polished marble items have increased the most. In particular, the value of polished marble imports increased by 36.65% between 2011 and 2020, granite imports increased by 8.45%, and imports of ceramic materials increased by 10.17%. Even if India’s natural stone sales trends to the nations, as mentioned earlier, are not very impressive, Australia’s import data from other nations gives a decent indication of global market trends.

Why is granite from India preferable to granite from several countries?

Indian granite is known to be very durable and to have excellent polish. The quality is far higher than comparable products from Brazil and China. Due to the numerous national quarries, India boasts a vast array of granites with diverse surface textures, colours, and geometric patterns.

Consumers of granite go to India for its wide variety of hues and designs. In addition, the provinces of West Bengal, Chhattisgarh, as well as Jharkhand have significant granite resources. Additionally, Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh have a few additional areas. Only in Chhattisgarh have new granite quarries been discovered.

The earth’s primary continental crust is composed of granite. A type of rock formation called granite is created when magma is released during a volcanic explosion. Following is a list of some popular granite hues and their corresponding variations:

  • Red Granite 
  • Black Granite 
  • Brown Granite 
  • Blue Granite
  • Yellow Granite 
  • White Granite
  • Pink Granite 
  • Green Granite

Due to its exceptional toughness and unquestionably aesthetic qualities, Indian granite has become the most popular variety of granite in use worldwide. Furthermore, granite blocks and tiles have greatly enhanced in recent years due to the cleaning and polishing of granite using cutting-edge technology and techniques. Due to this, Indian granite would be a top destination in the world stone marketplace.


Indian is now the top choice for those wishing to get premium granite at the most affordable prices. The best granite rock is offered in a variety of sizes by Indian granite providers. High-quality natural stone is becoming more popular for both residential and commercial projects. That’s where Indian granite makes a difference by offering the best stone for virtually any design necessity that today’s designers may encounter.